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Celebrating Wildlife in 2014! As we enter our third decade of protecting and enhancing wildlife habitat, let's take a moment to review our recent accomplishments and the challenges we face in the coming year.

2013 was a remarkable year with continuation of successful projects from helping to preserve a significant stream corridor in New Hampshire to habitat restoration and protection efforts on a habitat mitigation bank in Texas. Rewards were offered all over the country to help catch poachers and law enforcement were given decoys to make their jobs easier. Water guzzlers were installed in South Dakota, Oregon and Hawaii to bring that critical resource to antelope, sage grouse, wild donkeys and dozens more species.

With the support of our friends and members, we added to our portfolio of the 1,100-acre Thelma Doelger Wildlife Preserve and Sanctuary in California. This substantial preserve offers diverse habitat and sanctuary for numerous wildlife species, ranging from butterflies to bears.

In November, we set out to purchase a 630-acre parcel to expand our large Greenwood Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary in Oregon. We reached out and many of you came through, donating more than half of our $500,000 goal for purchase and stewardship. While the fundraising will continue for stewardship, we completed the purchase aspect on January 8, 2014.

HSWLT reached out to a broader audience at the end of 2013, adding an internet-based crowdfunding project to buy and install another water guzzler for the Greenwood Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary. Although our intention was to fund the guzzler, fencing, and cameras for the project, we raised only enough for the guzzler. We will install the guzzler and continue our efforts to fund the other amenities. We have a generous donor who is matching our efforts with a second guzzler. We are happy to say that the wildlife at that Oregon sanctuary will have a reliable source of water because of your help!

So welcome to 2014! With your support, we will continue to seek diverse parcels of habitat to be protected as sanctuaries. Every parcel we work to protect will offer conservation values for multiple species of wildlife. We will continue our efforts to protect and improve habitat where possible, often working with several partners to extend our reach.

At the same time, we will continue to confront cruel treatment of wildlife by expanding our efforts to combat poaching. More rewards will be offered for the arrest and conviction of criminal poachers. Our law enforcement agency partners can also expect us to offer more decoy support to make their jobs a little easier.

We hope that we can count on you and the commitment we share to providing real gains for wildlife. Humans have done much to wildlife, we will do things for wildlife. Thank you for letting HSWLT be one of your stewards on this journey to a more humane world.

Thank you, to each of you, for your support to help make this happen.

—Robert W. Koons


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